Garage Door Repair Huntington Beach, CA ― There is nothing worse than a loud garage door. Have you ever been woken up by it in the middle of the night? If you have an attached garage, you can relate. There are lots of ways to reduce garage door noise. Read on to learn how.

Causes & Remedies

Ask yourself these questions to diagnose the cause of a loud garage:

  • Are the rollers run-down? Make sure your rollers are moving effortlessly on their tracks. They should not be sliding or skidding in their tracks. If
    they are, purchase nylon or nylon-covered rollers. These are more effective and solid. They make for a more silent garage door system.
  • Is it my opener? Often, the noise our garage door makes is due to the type of opener we installed. Chain drive openers, for example, are especially noisy compared to belt drive openers. Belt drive openers are the most silent ones on the market. Opt for this type to correct excessive noise.
  • What can I do besides changing my opener? Purchasing a new garage door opener is a commitment. When switching openers is not an option,  purchase a vibration isolator kit. Place these between your door opener and the metal brackets that secure it to the ceiling. They subdue vibrations created by the opener, restricting all sound to your garage.

Anything else?

  • Close your garage door and inspect it for any broken parts. Be sure that all nuts and bolts are as tight as possible, too.
  • Lubricate the metal parts of your garage door system regularly, especially the parts that rub together. This includes the hinges and spring system. For best results, use a petroleum based lubricant. The weatherstripping on hte perimeter of the door must also be lubricated regularly. This stripping requires a silicone-based lubricant.

When REPLACING the garage door…

When replacing your garage door, pay attention to its material. Garage doors on today’s market are primarily made of galvanized steel, insulated aluminum panels, glazed aluminum extrusions, or wood. For the quietest open and close, insulate your garage door. Polyurethane insulation is an excellent noice canceller.

Need some help?

All of our garage door technicians know how to properly insulate a garage door, as well as fix any other issues related to garage door noise. CONTACT US today for an evaluation!